Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rest Day for City Cafe

Today is 27 January 2009 and it is a rest day of my cafe. I have been running my cafe for more than a month. During that length of period I met many types of people and experienced many things.
For the beginning, I only served nasi lemak, nasi ayam, curry mee, waffle and burger. But now we have few additional menu such as lontong and soto. The lodeh (kuah of lontong) and soto is prepared by my Indonesian maid. She is from Surabaya and very hardworking. I feel that 80% of my burden in house works is now taken care by her. The sad thing is...she only be with me for few months. She came to Malaysia for personal matter and the problem is now solved. So it's time for her to leave in few months time...
My business is now improving compared to last time. For my City Cyber.., nothing much change except for the increased number in computer class and additional of English class conducted by Mr Durai.

In Rawang Terminal, the spaces allocated for express buses still not occupied. Complain still heard among commuters. We still have to wait and the date is unknown! I hate to talk about this.

Well, just to share with you all few photos that I have in my collection..
My customers - Bangladeshi...I asked him why he was wearing a long sleeve shirt at night with a short!It looked funny and he said it was their style!

Self made burger...my customer was given the chance to make burger in their own way..(for regular customer only)

My younger brother joined me to work in my cafe. I really appreciate for his presence

My Indonesian worker Ina (holding broom) in her own style and the most expensive worker that I paid (making burger) is imported from Timur Leste...Mr Azizan (he is my next door neighbour actually) showing his talent in making burger to his sons...this man is kaki pukul,,...so please make a distance... ha..ha..ha!!!

This guy used to tell the whole world that he is the most handsome man in the world! Do you think so?

Daniel, my nephew - very naughty and fierce!

My sister Roshidah and her maid - used to visit me whenever she has free time

I received complain from my regular customers - hard for them to get food due to City Cafe closed! We are very sorry for any incovenience caused!