Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rawang Terminal will be in Aduan Rakyat

There was a meeting with Mr Jaffry Azman from Aduan Rakyat TV3 with us (owner and tenants) of Rawang Terminal held on 12 July 2010. The coverage made at terminal area, illegal bus station and old bus stop and old town of Rawang. Some of the shop owners and the bus drivers were interviewed.

Dato Ir Nasir presenting all the related documents proving such a long pain we suffered

News paper cutting - another prove showing that the issue has been followed up for such a long time

Neighbour Azizan being interviewed by Mr Jaffry in his shop

Mr Rao was asked to do some acting...and he did with no question..

In Hj Ismail's shop...being sulked for such a long time...dissapointed with the terminal!

Hj Ismail express his dissapointment to TV3

Bus driver being interviewed by Mr Jaffry Azman

Another bus driver being interviewed

Another bus conductor being interviewed by TV3

Owner of Azieta Cafe explaining the situation to Mr Jaffry of Aduan Rakyat TV3

Representative from developer. Giving reasons but was denied by Dato Ir Nasir about many things. Dato came with a tick file with all the documents of Rawang terminal. Thank you Dato for your support. We appreciate your presence!

We are tired with so many explanations and excuses..We bought the shop lot and we have to pay to the bank but we have no business...It was a long pain that we suffered!

Long and boring explanation from developer

My City Cyber located about 100 meter from Rawang Terminal can be seen from the skyway that link commuter station and Rawang Terminal

Looking the area from skyway

Having lunch at my cafe sponsored by Dato Ir Nasir...Thanks Dato...


My brother and my maid with Aduan Rakyat cameraman in front of my cafe

Last picture for remembrance with Aduan Rakyat team

My appreciation and thanks to:
- TV3 - Aduan Rakyat team for your willingness to come and listen to our problem.
- Dato Ir Nasir for your presence with your tick file
- Business friends who turn up on the day
- Bus drivers/conductor for your participating in interview process...
And thanks to all.... (including my brother and my bibik for your kind help)...

Follow up with MPS and LPKP will be done on the following day by En Jaffry Azman and his team...
To be aired in two weeks time!

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