Wednesday, November 18, 2009

G Palanivel in City Cyber

We had our first VIP on 12 November 2009. Datuk G Palanivel attended City Cyber for a meeting with NGO. The meeting was organized by Nona Wawasan to explain their activities as well to ask contribution from Datuk G Palanivel.

Our training room was ready to accept our first guest

I was first attended by my sister in-law and her friends to rent our training room. I have forgotten the actual rental rates as our training room was not yet even been fully completed operation. I gave the promotional rates as they were my first customer.

We started receiving our customers at 7.15pm. Datuk G Palanivel turned up at 7.50pm and forwarded to our training room. He was accompanied by his body guard and reporter. They started their meeting soon after that.

Datuk G Palanivel - his first appearance in City Cyber

Listening carefully

Members of Nona Wawasan.
No two from right - my sister in-law Azwanayati Jamlus

Datuk G Palanivel giving suggestions on the activities of Nona Wawasan

Serious talked

Datuk G Palanivel and my husband at City Cyber

The meeting adjourned around 9.00pm.

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