Thursday, November 19, 2009

Latest News of City Cafe and City Cyber

I hired a staff for my cafe last few weeks but she only worked for me for two days as her brother wanted her to just stay at home.
By not having a staff, I have to learn how to make drinks. To make drinks at home was different from making it at cafe. I was a bit nervous when first serving my customer.I had nasi lemak and drinks for the beginning.
I had my regular customers but still not at the satisfactory level. I improved in making drinks. Experience came from training!

City Cafe on its operation

Parking lots for buses turn into cars' parking lots!

Last two days I received a call from my friend giving good news that bus will move on the 7th December 2009 to new terminal. I temporarily stop my business last few days.

Incompleted sky way to link komuter station to Rawang terminal

Since City Cyber began operations last March, the response I received was not encouraging. Not many customers came in view of its location which is located far from the bus terminal. Despite the lack of customers, I was able to provide my practical students with better knowledge. I had been visited by their lecturer last two weeks for observation and comments from me on the performance of the students.

City Cyber and it's neighbours are expected to get impact on the move of buses to new terminal

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