Sunday, December 6, 2009

Launching City Cyber and City Cafe


I would like to dedicate this article specially to our close friend Bazin, Guy Albert (French) who is now in Australia for his round the world trip. He followed closely the progress of City Cafe from the time of renovation and the earlier to know the secret of our logo. He visited our cafe almost every day during renovation and gave comments on few things and he is so proud of City Cafe. I keep sending him photos of City Cafe eventhough he is in Australia. Thanks Guy..

Appreciation and Thank you

1) To our Moms, Hjh Sariah Mohd Sayed and Halimah Mohd Ibrahim, Long and family, Ngah and family, Uda and family, Uteh and family, Andak and family, Cik and family, Kak Shidah and family, Abang Yusof and family, Abang Yunus and family, friends and neighbours for their suggestions and support especially during our hard time.We are very sorry for the limited time that we spend with you guys!

2) Our business friends especially in the same location, Sara Cafe, Kedai Telekomunikasi, Seven Eleven, Darshinee Hair Saloon, Copy and Read Station, Kedai Jamu, Digi, Print Station,Hotlink, Perfect Ice Cream and many more...
Our nonsense talks and funny play is now over and we need to focus on our job...
Our long waiting pain come to the end finally!

3) Our beloved children, Amanina, Afifah, Muhammad Akbar and Muhammad Azri..
We shared the difficult time together. Mama and papa are very sorry about that. We need to sacrify in so many things! To Amanina.. Sorry that mama and papa less visit you in school and it is sad you are not with us at this precious moment. We only can pray you will do the best in your SPM and welcome home next 8 December 2009. We miss you so much!

4) My students, Nor Syuhada and Wong Swee Nee (Sun), thank you so much for your kind help. I really appreciate your presence in City Cyber and wish both of you good luck in your career. I appreciate your sincere comments on my cooking. To Nor Syuhada.., we hope your mother will get well soon and please give strong support to her. We know you are a good daughter. To Wong Swee Nee.., you are a good daughter to your family and keep it up!To both of you.... we pray for your success! Your last date with me is on 24 December 2009. Pay me a visit if you have free time and remember all the knowledge gained in City Cyber and don't send your computer here to repair unless you cannot find the answer! Also our gratitude thank you to Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah Sabak Bernam for their belief on our capability to train their students.

5) Special thanks is dedicated to my loving husband Abd Sukor Yusof for his never ending support. Thank you so much for your love, your care and everything. You are with me at the time you are needed. We have been through all the hard time together and may God bless us and all the efforts we made. I love you


It was an immediate decision made by us to have a small ceremony (doa selamat) as we saw they already cleaned the corridor of Rawang Terminal in the morning of 3 November 2009. We invited close friends, nearby families and neighbours to attend the doa selamat.The ceremony was held at City Cyber and the doa was leaded by Hj Md Nozirin Hamzah.

The doa was leaded by Hj Md Nozirin Hamzah

Seen in the picture - from right, Suria, abang ngah, my husband, Hj Ali, Hj Ismail, Hj Azhar Embong, Hj Md Nozirin Hamzah, En. Fuad, Hj Khairie and Hj Khairuddin

From left - Pakcik Baduwi, Suria, Abang Ngah, my husband, pakcik(I used to call him pakcik) and Hj Ali

Ladies - from left - Kak Zaiton, Kak Zuraida and makcik Noriah

Aishah and Kak Hairon

Soon we headed to City Cafe (about 100 metres away)for our makan-makan and our guests to have a close look of our cafe.

From Right - mak cik Noriah and Kak Zuraida

From right - Hj Ali and En Fuad

From right - Suria and my brother in-law abang ngah

From left - kak Zuraida, Aishah, kak Hairon, En Kamarul, En Fuad, Hj Azhar Embong and Hj Ali

View at the corridor of Rawang Terminal (in front of my Cafe)

In front of City Cafe

Nor Syuhada... needs to rush to Kuala Lumpur Hospital to visit her mother

My Sister - Kak Shidah... she loves me so much and I love her too!

I have no idea on what they are talking about! Kak Zu seems thinking so seriously!

My sister in law - Hjh Rogayah (ngah). She helped me in making the delicious of seri muka and kueh lapis. Thanks a lot!

My husband receiving congratulations from En Fuad. Thanks

Opposite of my cafe are parking lots for buses

Are they quarelling? He.. he.. Long time no see....!!! So many stories to share!

My friend Yusof and his wife Liza and son

Milah and Ain (my Indonesian neighbour) are among my guests

Hj Nozirin and wife kak Eton

My neighbours... enjoy chatting...!!

Asfar (in blue t-shirt) - manager of Ali Maju... invited me for his wedding in Chennai India on the 10 January 2010

Thank you to all and may God bless you guys!

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