Monday, December 7, 2009

The Opening Of Rawang Terminal

7 November 2009

I woke up at six in the morning. Spent the night at my City Cyber. Immediately I rushed to my training room but I saw not even a bus! I hired a staff and I supposed to be at my cafe at seven o'clock. 7.10am I saw first Sri Jaya bus arrived with no passenger! Stop about 5 minutes and went off. I went down at 7.15. Another two Sri Jaya buses arrived at 7.30am still no passenger! I went to my cafe and my staff arrived at 7.20am.

Two Sri Jaya buses at 7.20am

First Metro Bus arrived after being expelled by City Hall from old bus station

First Express bus - Mara Liner arrived at 8.30am

Seven Eleven staffs happy with the sudden crowd in Rawang Terminal

Something need to be done to force buses to move to new terminal!

City Hall's cars arrived at 9.24

I was told that Metro Bus refused to move to new terminal. 8.30am Rawang Terminal was full with city hall's staffs on duty. They went to old terminal and expelled all Metro Buses and Srijaya buses to move to new Terminal. Situation at new terminal was kelam kabut! New Terminal suddenly full with buses including mini buses. Parking lots in front of my cafe to be filled with express buses in stages.

They have no choice...the terminal is now ready for them to move!

YB of PKR turned up for inspection!

We started receiving order from our customers. Mostly from city hall's staffs. Many of them hang at my cafe. I received complain from them of weird taste of the drinks made by my staff. I took over the job and no more complain heard! Wah...kelakarnyer! Macam bagus...

Chan - the powerful man in MPS

MPS staffs relaxing in my cafe

My new staff - Nor

I gave her simple briefing before we started our work.

Happy time for us after our long waiting !

My daughter Afifah and son Akbar helping in preparing burgers

Prepared for our new recipe of our burger. I taught my staff on how to prepare waffle. She performing quite well. She finished her work at 7pm and I paid her and she looked so happy!

My first burger with new recipe!

I was called into my cafe a few times by developer's staffs to put under their account on any order made by city hall's staff. All sponsored by them!

relaxing at my cafe!

In rushed... to clean later. Idea was given by our nephew Mohd Razmi Razak... Thanks Dek Mi!

Pity my husband.. he has another main task to be done... marking SPM paper...I felt guilty to trouble him. I love him so much!

My husband had meeting in the morning until 3.30pm at Damansara. Reached Rawang around 5pm and helped me at my cafe. I pity him but I have no choice. He sent my son at 7.45pm for tuition but at the same time I received too many orders from city hall's staffs and I was alone! They ate as much as they could as all for free! I called my husband and he returned to cafe and helped me. We closed our cafe at 10.15pm and I almost collapsed. On my way back to City Cyber, I was stopped by Indonesian girl (Sara Cafe's staff). She told me about her problem. I was so tired and I didn't know what she was mumbling about. Suddenly she cried on my shoulder.. I tried to calm her down but I didn't understand what was exactly her problem. I was really tired!

She kept mumbling when actually I could see stars in the sky!

Took my bath and try to finish my writing on my blog. Tomorrow will be my second day...
Bye... I want to sleep...

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