Monday, August 17, 2009

Putrajaya Floral Fest 2009

My husband and I took our children for a Flora Fest in precint 2 Putrajaya on the 9 August 2009. There were many beautiful floral arrangements from many corporate bodies in Malaysia. Thousands of varieties of flowers could be seen in the flora fest in many attractive shapes.

As we reached Putrajaya at the night time, the flowers illuminated by colourful lights.

Hot balloons ready to fly but only few meters away!

There were three hot balloons ready to take passengers to fly in the sky. It was a beautiful night and we were greatly impressed to what we saw.

My son Muhammad Akbar in Orchid Garden

Decoration of flowers as a gateway to floral garden

Varieties of flowers could be seen here

Decorations of flowers to form a gateway. It was beautiful

Waterfalls surrounded by orchids

My son Muhammad Azri in flower garden. I didn't know the name of the flower

A very creative design

I really didn't know what happened to my son's head!

Roses vary in colours

Red roses

Orchids were hung upside down

Decoration of flowers to form KL twin tower


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