Monday, August 17, 2009

Pengkalan Hulu

15 August 2009
We left Rawang late morning heading to Pengkalan Hulu. My husband was invited for a talk on examination seminar at MRSM Pengkalan Hulu on 16 August 2009. In fact, we supposed to be in Penang today for the same seminar at MRSM Nibong Tebal but it was cancelled just two days before the date due to students affected by H1N1.
It was my mistake when I took the wrong junction at Kuala Kangsar exit on the highway but the mistake later brought us to Kuala Sepetang for a sight seeing as it was still early for the hotel check-in.

Kuala Sepetang

Fisherman Village

Kuala Sepetang is a coastal town located in Perak and formerly known as Port Weld after a former Governor, Frederick Weld. It is a thriving fishing village, and the main jumping-off point to the river mouth community of Kuala Sanggar, which is a Chinese fishing community at the river mouth which specializes in fish breeding in cages.

We drove through small lanes where we could see fisherman houses on both sides of the lane.

Many fishermen's boats were parked along the river banks and all the boats were painted in bright colour. Salty fish were also processed here by some of the families.

Leaving the fisherman's village, we strolling along the road looking something good for our lunch. We could see many signboards selling mee udang.

Mak Jah's Mee Udang

The village is very popular with its Mee Udang and one of the most popular is Mak Jah’s Mee Udang. The promotions were made 5 kilometres along the way through banners and signboards before Mak Jah’s Restaurant.

You can enjoy her Mee Udang at different prices depending on the sizes of the prawns and we’ve tried the double A size prawn for the price of RM11.00 per bowl and also rice and the sambal udang. The sambal udang cost RM12.00 per plate. The prices were reasonable with fresh, firm and sweet prawns.
At Mak Jah's mee udang, we did try coconut jelly. It tasted nice and I liked it.
My son ate 2 cups of chocolate jelly and a plate of rice with prawn sambal. Too much eating made him vomited.

Ngah Ibrahim’s Fort

Soon, we continued our journey to Ngah Ibrahim's Fort. I remembered Ngah Ibrahim's remains were taken back to Malaysia from Singapore and buried as a warrior last year. I saw the documentary in Majalah 3.

Ngah Ibrahim was known as the Mentri of Larut and he established the first modern system of administration in Perak. It had a police force, a judge, a magistrate, a treasurer and a clerk. He was the son of Long Ja'afar who sometimes is accredited as the founder of Taiping. The fort was built in the 1870s as the residence of Ngah Ibrahim. After the murder of J.W.W. Birch on 1 November 1875, the fort became a court for the trial of Birch's murder. Dato Maharaja Lela, Dato' Sagor, Sepuntum and Pandak Indut were found guilty and were sentenced to death by hanging at the court. Ngah Ibrahim, Sultan Abdullah and other statesmen were exiled to Seychelles. Ngah Ibrahim died in 1887 in Singapore and was buried at the Masjid Al-Junied cemetery. However, on 7 September 2006, Ngah Ibrahim's body was brought back to Perak and reburied near his house.

Grave of Ngah Ibrahim
The remains was brought back from Singapore and reburied near his house as a Perak warrior

The court, school and administration

Many historical effects could be seen here

Pengkalan Hulu
A Welcome to Pengkalan Hulu singboard was seen at the entrance of Pengkalan Hulu

We headed to Pengkalan Hulu late evening for hotel check-in. At night we went down for a dinner. At the restaurant I was surprised to see young men enjoyed eating young mango. Eating young mango is common but we did it only at home and not at the restaurant!

Young men enjoyed eating young mango in the restaurant


The next morning I had 5 hours free time while waiting for my husband giving talk to the students in MRSM. After taking breakfast with my children, I drove to the places that I known. We went to the border of Malaysia Thailand. We passed Immigration complex without passport to free duty complex. Nothing much interesting here. The prices were high except for cigarettes and liquors. I could see foreigners bought cigarettes and liquors in a quite large quantities.

Duty Free Complex

Many stalls selling fruits, foods etc and most of the sellers could speak Thailand.
I was surprised to see photo of warrior at almost all of the restaurants. First I thought all the owners of the restaurant were warriors but I was told that the photo was the first Sultan of Kedah. They hung the photo as pelaris in order to attract customers to come!

Pictures the first of Sultan of Kedah

Stall selling fruits from Thailand

Variety of clothes made in Thailand

Soon, I decided to stroll further near to Thailand border. After talking to a friendly PGA team, we were allowed to enter Thailand border but we were not allowed to go beyond the Thailand immigration complex.

PGA team on duty. From left Kpl Alang Amin, L/Kpl Sata,Konst Dhzuan, L/Kpl Iskandar and L/Kpl Iefen

A gateway to Thailand

Thailand monument

I was in Thailand

Sculpture of Thailand

Map of Yala Thailand

Betong Boundary post Yala Thailand

Small garden with the map of Thailand

We went again to Malaysia Thailand border soon my husband finished his seminar and again taking photos.

I was attracted to the border stone which indicated Perak at one side and Thailand at another side

The word Thailand was indicated on the border stone.
My husband was standing exactly on the line of border Malaysia Thailand

While the word Perak was indicated on the other side of the border stone

Welcome to Betong signboard

My son Muhammad Azri in Thailand

Me and my husband with the map of Thailand

My husband with Veterinary Inspection signboard Thailand

On my way back to the hotel, I dropped by Kolam Air Panas. The place was well built with beautiful chalets but failed to attract people as the hot spring pools were not well maintained.

Dragon fruit farm could be found on my way back to hotel.

We left Pengkalan Hulu at 3.30pm heading to Sabak Bernam to send back my daughter to her boarding school.We reached SBPI Sabak Bernam at 9.30pm and continued our way back to Rawang. Reached my brother's house at 12.30pm to take my another two kids.


  1. Huhu~... I was in Thailand!!hehehe.. It was totally an AWESOME journey! Gettiing to the Ngah Ibrahim's House, eating Mak Jah Mee Udang and most excitingly, of course- I was in THAI! HuhU~ But actually, it's no so cool for me as I had to study PHYSIC along the journey!(Trial SBP is getting nearer!) T.T

  2. You should be thankful to me as I still brought you along! Study physic along the way could have a different style of study and with beautiful scenery would definetly made you gain so much! If you don't get A... I will definetly throw you down the hill! Siapppppppp!!!!!!