Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Practical Students in City Cyber

Nor Shuhada Che Ahmad attending to our customer

We have 2 students reported for their Industrial Training with us on 28 July 2009 for a 6 month period. Both of them were from Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah Sabak Bernam. During the the term, they will be given training on PC maintenance, conducting computer class, attending to customers, preparing documents and many more.

Our knowledgeable and experienced provide real life examples of working environment and related conditions which affect management, operations, services, and maintenance.

Today’s manufacturing jobs are, in reality, technology jobs, and employees at all levels must have broad skills to respond to the demands of an increasingly complex work environment. With the facilities that we have today it is a warm welcome for the students especially from IT to join us and we will try our best to give them a broad-based understanding of the most important of working environment concepts.

Wong Swee Mee known as 'Sun' guided by my husband learning pc maintenance

They will learn through what they see, what they hear, and the decisions they make through interactive exercises. When they have successfully completed this training, they will be given a certificate showing that they have better knowledge and had performed well in their training.

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