Sunday, September 13, 2009

Journey to Sabak Bernam

I had promised to my Indonesian neighbour to take her to Sabak Bernam long time ago. It was only on the 11 September 2009 I managed to do that. We left Rawang at 9am to send back my elder daughter to her boarding school. I took alternative road Rawang-Kuala Selangor.
I stopped by the road side when I saw a tree covered by beautiful flowering creeper plant. While taking pictures of that tree, my neighbour told me that she wanted to pass urine. We were in the forest and no toilet could be found! I remembered reading my friend's website...He wrote it was hard to get public toilet in India and his parked truck suddenly became toilet by the ladies as the body of the truck covered the front view. So the Indian ladies took the opportunity to pee at another side of the truck! Taking the same situation, I told her to pee at the other side of my car as the body of my car covered the front view too! I stood the other side to cover her from the passed by vehicles that could see her. And she peed pleasantly! I never did that!

Flowering creeper plant

Soon, I headed to Kuala Selangor and dropped by at Bukit Melawati. I drove up the hill where groups of monkeys waiting for food from the visitors. It was Friday and no visitors except one Chinese man waiting for his friend and me, my mom and my Indonesian neighbour and her baby (Ain). Ain was excited to see the monkeys. Sometimes a bit of anxious!

Ain was looking to the black monkeys

Hungry monkeys as no visitors feeding them food on weekday

The tame monkeys were not fear of the presence of people. Sometimes they just jump on our shoulder to take food in our hand!

My mom didn't aware the presence of monkey behind her. The monkey suddenly ran towards my mom and smashed down the trash and caused my mom screaming in fear.

A group of monkey on the tree

The lighthouse functions as a guide to the ships

Kuala Selangor seen from Bukit Melawati

Kuala Selangor began life as a small settlement along the coast of Selangor in the 14th century. A group of Bugis people had come from Indonesia to make a new life in this land, and for a time, they lived peacefully under a matriach.
Located at the river mouth, Kuala Selangor was the access for merchant ships long time ago.

Cannons were placed along the river side to protect the attack of the enemies.

Soon we headed to Sabak Bernam beach located another one hour journey and dropped by Bagan Nakhoda Omar or better known as pantai BNO.
Sabak Bernam coastal mud

Restaurant selling delicious mee udang or fried nasi goreng udang with reasonable price here was closed due to fasting month

Fishing boats out to catch fish and return late afternoon.

The office of Kelong Paradise where anglers are taken by boat to the kelong which located in the middle of the sea

Sitting 15 nautical miles off Sabak Bernam and commonly referred to as Kelong Paradise, this is the one place where anglers can fish in peace. The Selangor State Government has created a haven for diehard anglers right in the middle of the sea that promises nothing but the best in terms of catch.

I left for SBPI Sabak Bernam at 1.15pm to fetch my daughter. Just a ten minutes driving, I reached the school and met her at her dormitry
SBPI Sabak Bernam

My journey again to Sabak Bernam done on the 13 September 2009 to send my daughter back to her school. On my way back, my husband and me dropped by bazaar Ramadhan. The kuih muih were cheap and there were variety of kuih muih and drinks with variety of colours could be found here.

The lively bazaar Ramadhan selling variety of kuih muih

Variety of kuih muih with variety colours

Attractive and colourful jellies

Colourful drinks attracted peoples to buy for breaking fast

Fresh fruits were sold here too

Next week I will again return to Sabak Bernam to fetch my daughter for Hari Raya celebration. A one week off is nothing for her as her SPM examination is coming. I am really proud of my daughter for her hard working and may God bless her always- amin