Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Sucessful Bypass Surgery On My Brother in-law - 25 July 2009

Info about bypass heart surgery
Our heart beats thousands of times each day, every day, for our entire life and it pumps about 5 million gallons of blood through our body!

If one of our outer arteries gets blocked, it causes a heart attack. A blockage of one outer is normally caused by fatty deposits that build up in the heart's arteries over the course of many years and blocked heart arteries and the heart attacks can lead to death.

When one of the heart's arteries gets blocked and a person has a heart attack, one common procedure is to perform heart surgery and sew in a new piece of blood vessel to bridge over (bypass) the blockage. In many cases, the surgeon will fix not only the immediate problem, but also other arteries on the heart that are starting to look blocked.
The blood vessel used to create the bypass is taken from the chest or the leg -- the body has several redundant vessels that can be removed without doing harm.

In the case of my brother in-law, he had triple bypass where surgeon has to repair three of the arteries that had been confirmed blocked.

The operation took place at National Health Institute (IJN) in Kuala Lumpur on 25 July 2009. We gathered early in the morning in the hospital to say goodby to his journey. It was a sad moment of course to see the nurse forwarding him to the operation theater.

IJN is an advanced cardiovascular and thoracic health center which mainly services adult and pediatric heart patients. It is recognized in its region from its millions of patients treated and with the increasing number of referrals for complex cases. The medical facility offers a wide range of cardiac services under just one roof which are powered by specialists, surgical, paramedic and clinical teams, along with their support staff, and advanced equipments.
Doctors employed in this hospital are 37 cardiologists, 20 surgeons and 13 anesthesiologists.
IJN has 8 wards including the pediatric wards, 18 Intensive Care Unit beds, 12 Coronary Care Unit beds, and 10 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit beds. There are 5 operating theatres and 4 invasive cardiovascular laboratories and an emergency department that operates round the clock.

He was admitted to operation theater around 7.30a.m and the operation process last about 6 hours. He was later forwarded to ICU around 12.30pm. I and my husband visited him around 8pm and to see him unconscious really touched the whole family. Thanks to God for the success major operation.

Lying unconscious on bed in ICU few hours after the operation

We went again on the second day and he was still in the ICU but with a little eyes opened and could recognize people around him. He was asked to do simple excercise to strengthen his heart beat.

Used breathing tube for a simple exercise to strengthen the heart beat

On 30 July 2009 it was a surprised to see him with a pleasant smile sitting on his chair enjoyed eating and of course the important part was to see him talking again! It was amazing to see his fast recovery.

Enjoyed eating fruits but later he was given insulin injection due to high increased in blood sugar

On behalf of my family I would like to express my gratitude thank you to all the staffs and the doctors in IJN that had attended to my brother in law and God bless you always for your dedication and professional works!

To my brother in law ... congratulations for the BRAVE that you have to undergo the major operation and we proud of you and God bless you always and we pray you will have your normal life very soon... and continue your trip to Indonesia again?? MAYBE?!!!

Thanks to my brother in law En Kamaludin Yusof and his wife Pn Maimunah for their consent to upload these pictures on my web blog.

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