Saturday, July 11, 2009


Meeting held at City Cafe to officially appoint our legal adviser

We are going to launch our City Cafe which located at the new Rawang Bus Terminal soon. The construction of the new terminal was completed last April but few problems arised in transfering all buses from old terminal to new terminal. We were informed that the problems were between MPS and the developer that is Mahumas. Having tired waiting for these two elephants fighting, we decided to form our own group to have legal advice on when the new bus terminal will start its operation. The delay will definitely affect us as the owner of the shop lot as we have to pay loan to the bank when we are not given the fixed date on the operation of new bus terminal.
Most of the shop lots which located at the ground floor are now busy with renovation and somes are already started their business.

City Cyber which located about 100 meters from City Cafe

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