Monday, July 6, 2009

Terrible Day 6 July 2009

It was yesterday 6 July 2009. As usual I took bus to my office in the morning. I hate driving in Rawang as it is hard to get parking lot.
I went to CIMB Bank to transfer my money from saving to current account. I hate carrying cash.
Bank detected that I've transfered to a wrong account number due to name stated and the account number differed. They reminded me to be extra careful for the next time because the amount to be transfered quite a large amount. It was my mistake to install the account number in my handphone without stating the name of the account holder. I just keyed in the Bank's name that is CIMB. Immediately I deleted the number that I've saved! It was one of the teacher's account number in Sabak Bernam. Everybody should have learnt from my mistake too.
I still cannot transfer the money due to I did not bring my passbook along. It was more than 6 years ago and I have forgotton about the passbook!
Having failed to transfer my money I returned to my office. I started surfing internet to read news and to check my mail box as usual. Upon checking my mail box, I notice I received 2 mails from my friend Guy from France. I knew it must be news of his journey in Indonesia. I was shocked to read his opinion about Islam. The word Islam is barbarian religion for barbarian with barbarian leader is harsh for me to accept because I am a muslim too. According to his writing, I knew he was referrring to Somalia but Islam is barbarian to barbarian is also referring to me as a muslim and to all muslims as a whole.
We had a very friendly relation during his stay in Rawang. I called Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) to assist me in giving the correct information to my friend. The calmly ustaz told me not to be so emotional on my friend's statement and asked me to explain nicely to him. He gave me long lecture in the phone and I really thanked to my ustaz! Later, I continued typing the explanation to my friend and I hope my long writing will never get him bored!
Later I learnt that it was a very precious experience for me. I wondered how our prophet Muhammad s.a.w did the dakwah for so many years during his time. He was insulted even from his own family and the people around him to spread the knowledge of Islam as instructed by Allah swt. It was only a tiny case experienced by me and I felt so much emotional! I have to learn how to be stronger!
My husband reached office around 2.30pm and I was still typing. I had late lunch.
I went to the bank again after receiving passbook from my husband. On my way to the bank, I noticed one car parked at the parking lot with the back door opened. I saw one little girl aged about 3 years old sitting at the back seat of the car with her father at the driver seat. I felt like thunderstorm hit me to see the cute little girl was smoking! I saw her father (I guess) was smoking too. Her father could have given her a roll of small cigar leaf (could be without tobacco) to avoid the girl from disturbing him while waiting for his wife to the bank (I guess... as he parked his car near the bank). I didn't believe to what I saw and I reversed back to confirm. And I saw the little girl still smoking and later her cigar lit off and she asked for the light from her father! Oh my God! What kind of father he is! If I were to bring my camera along, surely I would have captured the very disgusting picture and send it to news paper so that every body would know what type of father he is!
I continued my way to the bank. I could feel the pain of my head! I took the que number and I have about 40 persons before they call my name. After one hour waiting I saw one kakak (one of my customer) and I smiled at her. She came to sit next to me and we started chatting. For another one hour chatting with her...I couldn't stand with very unpleasent smell from this kakak!
Scared me to death! I quickly went to the counter soon they called my name. I told the cashier that I already got headache for 2 hours waiting! He told me it was normal for CIMB! I knew it and that is the reason i avoid using CIMB. I would prefer Maybank as it is more convenience with internet banking. Though I still can use internet banking with CIMB but to transfer money from saving to current account is not permitted. I hate doing transaction through counter!
Returned to office I noticed there were two students awaiting for their computer class. I refused to conduct the class and therefore my husband took over. I made myself rest after so many terrible things happened to me for a long day!
Returned home I talked to my two rabbits which I called sayang (my love) and they've showed good response to me. I felt much better. Pray to God and asked for forgiveness for my wrong doing for the day!

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